Document Management Solutions

AssureVault Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


 AssureVault offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM), powered by Digitech Systems. ECM is a suite of powerful, enterprise-grade content management services that optimize the way in which your business organizes, protects and enables access to valuable and sensitive information.

  • Enterprise: Securely manage information to improve business efficiency
  • Capture Desktop: Capture and control critical business information stored on paper right from your workstation 
  • Email Archiver: Store and index email messages for quick retrieval
  • Enterprise Workflow: Automate document routing to streamline business processes

As you look at your business, consider:

  • The various sources of information that enter your business
  • Where active and archived information is stored
  • How your work force accesses that information to support your business

When you overlay AssureVault ECM as a common business platform, your information is secure, organized and optimized for efficient access.

Digitization Services

AssureVault offers backfile and day-forward digitization services that help your company organize records, reduce space needs and eliminate “out of file” conditions while delivering important documents right to the desktop.

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