Mobile ECM

Enterprise Content Management – Mobile Feature

We are pleased to announce that our cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform now supports a wide range of mobile end-point devices including tablets and smart phones.  As a response to the rapidly increasing demand for mobile applications and technology, this feature now allows its users secure access to all of their important information through their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Platform Agnostic

The use of this new mobile technology is NOT limited to any one platform, but instead is available to its users regardless of operating system.

Browser Independence

Whether your device uses Chrome, FireFox, IE or Safari, Mobile ECM operates optimally allowing for ease of use and business efficiency regardless of browser preference.  Also, there is absolutely no need for browser plug-ins such as Active X, Java applets or Flash enabling mobile use of ECM without additional installations.

Device Heterogeneity

In addition to being completely browser independent, Mobile ECM runs on any device as long as it has a browser and access to the Internet.  Tablets, smart phones, laptops and other devices of any brand with any given operating system have the ability to run this new feature.