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An Overview of our Backup and Recovery as a Service Offerings

T1 Co has built a world-class BaaS (Backup as a Service) and RaaS (Recovery as a Service) offerings to meet the data and system protection needs of any sized organization.  The platform provides data level (files, databases, etc.) and system level (servers, virtual servers) backup and recovery services to protect any type of data or system utilized in your business.  This offering consists of a number of key components:

  • Network Infrastructure. One of the keys to a world-class backup and recovery offering are multiple geographically dispersed facilities to insure high availability services. T1 Co has formed a partnership with SecureData 365 to utilize their colocation facilities in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio.  Each facility has multiple data carriers, backup power generation and each resides on its own public power grid.  These facilities are interconnected with multiple 1GBps dedicated data links to insure data is replicated between facilities as fast as possible.  This infrastructure provides the backbone of our Disaster Recovery services that can be utilized by the smallest to the largest companies.  There is no longer a need to pay SunGard rates for world-class recovery services!
  • World-Class Software. Eight years ago T1 Co chose Asigra’s Backup and Recovery software platform. Over these years this platform has served us well and today the offering provides the tools to backup and recover every possible type of data or system.  The platform allows us to protect file systems, databases, enterprise applications, servers and workstations, laptops, desktops smartphones and tablets.  Our service supports IBM platforms, Linux and Unix platforms.  Cloud-based SaaS applications including Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365 and cloud-based platforms including Amazon web services and Windows Azure are also supported.  Virtual machine protection includes snapshot services with near zero recovery time.  All of this is bundled under a single software platform and user interface.
  • Cloud-Based Data Protection Services. As more companies move their data to the cloud it is important to realize that once in the cloud the data may not be as sufficiently protected as it was in your own data center.  For many cloud-based data services the vendor doesn’t guarantee the clients data at all.  T1 Co offers superior data protection services; especially when it comes to Microsoft Exchange OnlineTM, Microsoft Sharepoint OnlineTM and Microsoft OneDriveTM .
  • RaaS. T1 Co’s Recovery as a Service includes two hot site facilities: network and server infrastructure and Asigra’s software platform. Our RaaS platform provides Local and Remote Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR), virtual machine replication, continuous data protection and snapshot support. By offering RaaS, we can now provide both virtual machine recovery and file level recovery from a single backup job. The VM recovery can be performed in less than five minutes!
  • Backup Appliances and User Services. At the heart of our service offerings are our backup appliances. These are devices that you install in your facility that come with a network cable and two power cords.  You plug in the three cables and call our support center and we are ready to create and manage your backup activities.  The appliance also comes with a user interface that can be installed locally to manage the backup appliance from your desktop.
  • Support Services. Bundled into our standard service offering are a set of client services that match or exceed any offering around. Our support team performs daily reviews of all backups performed in the last 24 hours.  Our clients receive daily, weekly and monthly reports regarding how their backups are running.  They also have access to a web-based user interface which allows them to manage their backups anywhere in the world.  All of these services are built into our base service offering.

Comprehensive Data Protection and Recovery from Anywhere, Anytime

Our solution powered by Asigra protects all of your organization’s critical data, including applications and databases, whether it’s on physical servers, virtual machines, or Docker containers, on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, in SaaS-based applications such as Google Apps,, or Microsoft Office 365, or in cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

With our solution, you avoid the cost, complexity, and protection gaps that are inherent with point solutions — solutions designed to protect only one or a small handful of data source types. The central administrative dashboard provides you with an organization-wide, real time view of your data protection status across all protected data sources, enabling you to quickly identify protection failures. Any failures can be immediately addressed using the same dashboard.

Although our solution is comprehensive, it does not force ‘one-size-fits-all’ protection on your data sources. Instead, we recognize that different data sources and workflows within your organization could have very different protection needs. For example, some VMs may need to be backed up once while others may require daily backups. Other VMs running mission critical apps may need to be replicated hourly to a warm standby VM for fast failover and disaster recovery purposes. Still other VMs may need to be both replicated and backed up. With our solution, you can easily establish rules like these on a granular basis to achieve your organization’s overall data protection objectives without making any compromises.

Maximum Security

With our solution, your data is protected at all times with the highest levels of security and compliance:

  • AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest data encryption
  • Government-approved NIST FIPS 140-2 security certification
  • Customer-controlled encryption key and authentication

Our solution is based on agentless architecture which means it is secure because it does not rely on vulnerable agents that need to be installed on each machine. This eliminates open ports on your firewall for all backup sources, dramatically enhancing security by removing points of attack inherent with agent-based architectures.

We also include geo-location and remote data wipe for mobile devices in our solution. These features enable you to quickly identify the location of a lost or stolen mobile device that contains your corporate data. If you decide the data is at risk of falling into the wrong hands, our solution gives you the power to remotely delete it with the click of a button, while leaving any of your employees’ personal files untouched, making it an ideal data protection solution for BYOD environments.


Maximum Manageability

Our solution powered by Asigra delivers continuous control with low-touch manageability, centralized operations and capacity management that give you a comprehensive, unified, organization-wide view of your systems, users and devices:

  • Single consolidated repository simplifies backup and recovery of data that’s currently backed up in silos scattered across the enterprise
  • Single-pane-of-glass view allows you to manage from an intuitive web-based dashboard with visibility across the enterprise for even the most complex disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, including multiple branch locations and local/remote backup and recovery management of data centers
  • Support for private, hybrid and public cloud so you choose the cloud architecture or deployment model that best suits your business needs, and easily migrate as your needs evolve
  • Agentless architecture simplifies installation and ongoing operations in your environment by eliminating the downtime and disruption of deploying and maintaining agents

Maximum Reliability

Having confidence in your ability to recover data when it matters most comes from trusting in the backup and restoration processes. Our solution has two important processes to ensure reliability in your recoverability:

  • Autonomic Healing verifies the logical and physical integrity of the data written to the storage systems
  • Restore Validation ensures data is restorable by simulating real recoveries (without actually writing the restored data)

Granular Recovery When You Need it the Most

Organizations often want to backup an entire data source to ensure all data is protected, even though they will usually only need to recover individual items or files from the backup. Email servers are a typical example. We support this use case for many data sources, including VMs, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint servers, and SaaS based data, by allowing you to recover individual data elements from the backup.

For example, our solution includes a convenience feature that allows you to quickly backup hundreds of mailboxes belonging to a single Office 365 domain to one backup set. If you ever need to recover a single data element from the backup – such as an email attachment or calendar entry – you don’t need to recover all data in the domain. Instead, our solution will let you pick and choose the items you want to recover, and the location where you want to recover them too – such as back to the Office 365 cloud or a local file on your laptop.

Recover Quickly and Resume Business as Usual

Depending on your organization’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements, you may want near-instant recovery for some mission-critical applications and data. Our solution provides peace of mind by safeguarding the availability of your environment with four optional features:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) can be selected for specific backup sets to ensure you can be up and running quickly with minimal data loss
  • Virtual Machine Replication uses snapshot without backup technology to replicate your production VM to one or more on or off site VMs. The replica VMs can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes, which helps you to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) combines VM replication and backup, and allows you to failover to a local or, in the event of a site loss, a remote environment in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Snapshot capability gives you the ability to achieve aggressive Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for even large amounts of data.