BURR Recovery Services


Recover from ANYWHERE – Recover NOW

Today, T1 provides one of the only solutions that is able to backup all enterprise data into a single consolidated repository eliminating islands of data. Wherever your data may reside, we can back it up.



T1 Cloud Backup breaks new ground with cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for SaaS and PaaS-based applications and platforms, industry-leading mobile endpoint support, advanced virtual disaster recovery for VMware environments and anytime/anywhere data recovery across the enterprise.


Learn more about…

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • Protecting Cloud-based application and Platform Data
  • Backup and recovery for Salesforce.com and IBM SmartCloud
  • Protecting Endpoint Devices
  • Restore and Recovery Assurance
  • Protecting Big Data


Planning for Disaster Recovery

A disaster can strike at any time. A company that does not have a sound contingency plan in place can be exposed to prolonged downtime, causing loss of revenue and irreversible damage to its reputation. T1 can assist you in planning for disaster recovery to keep downtime to an absolute minimum and keep your business functioning as normal.

Not only that, but virtual disaster recovery saves companies thousands of dollars that would have been spent on additional hardware and infrastructure costs.

Virtualization has changed the way companies plan and execute disaster recovery (DR). The flexibility and consolidation in a virtual infrastructure makes virtual disaster recovery more efficient and cost-effective.

No longer dependent on hardware, a virtualized infrastructure allows multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on fewer physical servers. If a failure occurs in a primary data center site, you can migrate a workload to another server at the DR site without concern for the affected hardware.