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Cloud Backup for Endpoint Devices

Easy-to-Use Mobile Interface

With the prevalence of Cloud Backup for Endpoint Devices (or Bring Your Own Device: BYOD) and new tablets entering the market on a monthly basis, the use of personal and corporate mobile devices continues to soar.

According to Gartner by 2015 more than 60% of enterprises will have suffered material loss of sensitive corporate data via mobile devices, it’s imperative that enterprises understand the capability that Endpoint Device Backup presents to securing and protecting data. They need to ensure they have a backup and recovery solution along with a corporate device backup and recovery policy to recover intellectual property in the event of a device being stolen, misplaced or damaged. Data loss can be prevented with the right backup solution.

How are you backing up corporate data being created and stored on laptops in the field? What if one of those laptops was left in the airport lounge or in the backseat of a cab? How would you have access to the corporate data perhaps financial statements and data stored on these devices?


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Cloud Backup for Endpoint Devices