T1 Cloud Backup, Restore & Recovery


Restore and Recovery Assurance (R2A)


The following features are designed to further protect backup data, improve restorability, and improve recovery time objectives (RTO):

Autonomic Healing

Autonomic healing acts like a storage immune system. Our autonomic healing module constantly scans the DS-System and immediately notifies when it encounters a corrupted or otherwise problematic file. Before the file can cause any harm, autonomic healing detects any corruptions (both data corruptions and logical inconsistencies caused by third-party technologies such as faulty RAID controllers, file systems, operating systems, disk subsystems, network packet loss, etc.) and sends notifications so that the problem can be fixed before it becomes harmful.

  • Constant and seamless monitoring of DS-System storage
  • Saves time by identifying potential problems before they become serious issues
  • Ensures backup data is constantly in a valid state to maintain high levels of service

Restore Validation

Restore validation allows managed service providers and enterprises to test the recoverability of their data and exercise the disaster recovery plans without impact to the end customer. This module enables data restore and recoverability test at the data center on the DS-System.

Local Storage

The Local Storage feature provides the ability to store copies of backed up data locally, on a certified backup appliance. With Local Storage, restores are performed quickly at LAN speeds. Data saved in Local Storage is also saved offline in T1’s data center.

Local -Only

The Local-Only feature enables organizations to store backed up data on-site on the local LAN. Because data is not stored in a remote location, Local-Only is used only for non-critical data.