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Protecting Data in Salesforce.com


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Today, a lot of critical data assets are residing in Software-as-a-Service clouds such as Salesforce.com, where they are outside of the direct control of the organizations that own the data. Many organizations, however, have not taken into consideration the recoverability of data in these platforms. They’ve been relying on the platform provider and believing that they can always go back to them when they have a data loss situation.

What organizations are forgetting, from both a business and compliance perspective, that it is them – the owner of the data – and not the cloud provider who is responsible and accountable for keeping the data and its various versions available at all times. The cloud provider is not obligated to meet an organization’s recovery point objectives (RPO) or recovery time objectives (RTO).

We can help!

T1 Co is helping organizations reclaim control over the recoverability of their business data so that they can meet their compliance requirements as well as maintain competitive advantages.

You determine the backup schedules, retention policies and select the number of generations of the data that you would like to keep in backup repositories.


Quick restoration

If you ever need to recover lost data, our cloud backup service restores it back to the affected platform through a set of simple mouse clicks, eliminating the need to go to your SaaS or PaaS provider to restore the data, so you don’t have to wait until your SaaS or PaaS vendor’s technical staff responds to your support ticket to restore the data.

Guaranteed data security

Our cloud backup service backs up all data in a compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted form to a secure, authorized cloud data center of your choosing, which means backed up data is not available to unauthorized people and cannot be misused or distributed against the business interests of the organization.

Guaranteed data restoration

Our cloud backup service has strong recovery and restore assurance capabilities, so you don’t have to worry if your data can be recovered from your backup repositories. Our autonomic healing and restorability validation.


Download the whitepaper on protecting your data within Salesforce here:

Cloud Backup and Recovery for Salesforce.com