Cloud Backup, Restore & Recovery (BURR)


Single End-to-End Data Protection Solution

T1 Cloud BURR is a single end-to-end data protection software solution designed to protect data across physical, virtualized, endpoint and cloud operating environments.

Superior encryption and security certifications

T1 Cloud Backup uses state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard customer data at all times. The most recent generation – version 12 – also ensures the highest level of data security with AES 256 encryption of data in-flight and at-rest, certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as FIPS 140-2 compliant.  This meets the most stringent compliance requirements of healthcare and government.

Support all devices with a single platform

Device coverage includes storage, servers, desktops and the broadest range of mobile endpoint devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones, making it ideal for mixed operating and multi-device applications.

Agentless technology  simplifies implementation

T1 BURR does not install agents for each machine or application that needs to be protected. Instead, our unique agentless architecture reaches out over the network to backup operating systems, file systems, and applications, using industry standard programming interfaces. This eliminates a major security risk because it does not require an open port, while also making T1 BURR a less resource-intensive and disruptive platform that is more flexible to deploy and easier to support.

Compatibility with any enterprise environment

T1 Cloud Backup is vendor- and hardware-agnostic and thus supports all leading applications and operating systems.

Support for on-premise private, public or hybrid clouds

T1 Cloud BURR can adapt to the specific elements of any backup and recovery strategy, including public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Regardless of how an organization chooses to evolve its backup plan to improve security and compliance, the T1 platform can change with it to ensure reliable protection of business data. Service Providers benefit from being able to broaden their service offerings to meet the needs of more customers.

T1 Cloud Backup provides unmatched features and capabilities in today’s increasingly demanding world of backup and recovery. With T1, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your organization’s data is protected, and that it can be recovered quickly and reliably in the event of a disaster or hardware failure.

Total Cost of Ownership

T1 BURR is designed to be low-touch to reduce costs of implementation and on-going operations. With a pay-as-you-grow cloud model, you can minimize your upfront capital investment.