AssureVault Cloud Backup, Restore & Recovery

Cloud Backup Technology

Cloud Backup Components

AssureVault Cloud Backup is comprised of three major components:

  • DS-System (data aggregator)
  • Clients (data collectors)
  • BLM (Backup Lifecycle Management)

Client devices


DS-System software is the data aggregator and forms the core of the cloud. It maintains, manages and validates the online storage repository that stores the data that is transmitted by the DS-Clients.

AssureVault’s primary DS-System resides in our SecureData 365 Center located in Canton, Ohio, and is replicated in the AssureVault data center located in Chesterland, Ohio. AssureVault’s DS-Systems are configured as High Availability (HA) Cluster Farms, support high-volume backup loads and multiple operating systems, servers, databases, applications, and storage environments.


Clients are the software components designed to perform unattended and demand backups, selective restoration of specified files and applications. Clients serve as a gateway to the DS-System, which is located in a private, public or hybrid cloud. Data identified for backup flows through the client, where it is compressed, encrypted and sent to the DS-System for storage.

The clients offered by AssureVault include the following:

  1. DS-Client: the full-feature component used for enterprise and data center backup (servers and virtual machines)
  2. DS-Mobile Client: for corporate managed laptops
  3. DS-Smartphone Client: for corporate and consumer smart phones
  4. DS-Tablet Client: for corporate and consumer tablets


DS-Client, the software component for the enterprise and data center environment, acts as the data collector that interfaces with all of your key applications, platforms and devices. It is designed to protect a heterogeneous environment of different operating systems, databases, applications, and data types.

DS-Client is installed on your premises, captures the target data servers, desktops, laptops, structured applications and raw/unstructured files. and processes it to reduce its size utilizing advanced de-duplication and data compression technology. (A 2:1 or 3:1 reduction ratio is typical.) The data is then encrypted for security, using an encryption key known only to you, and it is transmitted via IP WAN to the DS-System at AssureVault’s data center. Your initial backup is a full backup. From that point on AssureVault Cloud Backup only transmits new/changed data (“incremental forever”). This results in significant bandwidth savings.

The DS-Client does not require installation of any backup agents on its target machines. The DS-Client fully integrates with NT domains, Trusts and Novell NDS trees, and otherwise adopts the remote site’s existing LAN security settings.

Using standard APIs, the DS-Client can remotely log in to target backup systems, capture requested data, and securely manage transmissions to the central site.

DS-Mobile Client

DS-Mobile Client is a variant of DS-Client and is designed for corporate-managed laptops and desktops. It collects data from the laptop or desktop, regardless of its physical location, and transmits the data securely to the DS-System at AssureVault’s data center.

It can be centrally mass-deployed to thousands of devices and even configured for silent installation to enforce backup policies on end-point devices. DS-Mobile provides a simplified user interface to ensure ease of use and end user self-serviceability, if desired.

DS-Tablet Client

The DS-Tablet Client collects data from the tablet and sends it to the DS-System at AssureVault’s data center. The DS-Tablet Client for Apple iOS can be downloaded from Apple App Store. The DS-Tablet Client for Google Android can be downloaded from Android Market or Amazon Appstore.

DS-Smartphone Client

The DS-SmartPhone Client collects data from the smartphone and sends it to the DS-System at AssureVault’s data center.

The DS-SmartPhone Client for Apple iOS can be downloaded from Apple App Store. The DS-SmartPhone Client for Google Android can be downloaded from Android Market or Amazon Appstore.

BLM (Backup Lifecycle Management)

Every business stores data of varying importance. AssureVault Cloud Backup offers BLM, or Backup Lifecycle Management, to align the value of your data with the cost of protecting it.

Using BLM, AssureVault Cloud Backup offers a tiered recovery strategy that automatically manages the storage of your data in a cost-effective manner.

  • System images and mission-critical data that is required for day-to-day operations are immediately accessible in both local and cloud storage with point-and-click recovery.
  • Less important data, or files that have been dormant for significant periods of time, can be migrated to less expensive online storage while remaining readily accessible.
  • Data that is older, rarely referenced or retained for compliance purposes can be archived on low-cost storage and recovered as needed.

Should you choose to use BLM, retention policies are developed to meet your company’s specific needs. Once implemented, BLM manages the storage of your data automatically, thus providing your company with optimal protection and recovery using the most appropriate storage model.


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