Cloud Backup: Getting Started


It’s easy to get started using T1 Cloud Backup!

  1. Upon your request, we deliver a pre-configured backup appliance that is managed remotely by T1. No keyboard, monitor or mouse – just plug it in and we do the rest!
  2. Once the appliance is online, we initiate the LAN storage discovery process that completely analyzes your entire application and storage environment.
  3. We provide you with a quote based on the LAN storage discovery results.
  4. Jobs and schedules are created on your appliance.
  5. An initial seed backup (full backup) is performed using an external hard drive.
  6. You send us the external hard drive and we import the data into our DS-System.
  7. Cloud backups begin, and your data is safe and secure!

T1 monitors your backups 24×365 and provides you with daily, weekly and monthly status and usage reports.

Contact us to get started today!