Service Models

Flexible Architecture

The AssureVault Cloud Backup architecture is extremely flexible and can accommodate any type of cloud deployment be it a public, private, or hybrid clouds. A non-cloud, local-only configuration is also available for use when appropriate.

Local-only Backup

Local-only Backup allows your organization to store backup data locally, communicating with AssureVault’s cloud-based DS-System for data management purposes only. Since data stored locally can be backed up and restored at LAN speeds, Local-Only Backup gives your organization an added, low cost tier of recovery.

Local Only Backup

Features of local-only backup include:

  • Low-cost agentless alternative to incumbent tape-based solution.
  • A Local-Only Backup Set backs up data to the DS-Client LAN without sending any data to the DS-System at the remote site. This helps reduce WAN bandwidth costs.
  • Each generation backed up for a Local-Only Backup Set is independently restorable and does not depend on other generations of the same file.
  • The data resides compressed locally on customer premises allowing data backups and recoveries at LAN speeds.
  • Local-Only Backup Sets can be easily migrated to offsite backup sets.
  • Local-Only Backup helps further align the value of data with the cost of protecting it.

Public Cloud Backup

Public Cloud Backup allows your organization to utilize the features of Local-only Backup while taking advantage of much higher levels of service by leveraging the public cloud (Internet). This is AssureVault’s most common deployment.

In the Public Cloud model, data is compressed, encrypted and transmitted securely across the public cloud (Internet) and is stored and replicated in AssureVault’s two data centers. This model offers the assurance that, in the event of a disaster or infrastructure failure, your data can be recovered quickly and accurately.

Public Cloud Backup provides the best economy of scale and is inexpensive to set-up because hardware, application and bandwidth costs are covered by the AssureVault. It’s a pay-per-usage model so the only costs incurred are based on the capacity that is used

Public Cloud Backup is monitored and managed entirely by AssureVault.

Private Cloud Backup

Private Cloud Backup is similar to Public Cloud Backup with the difference being that data is transmitted and stored in your organizations existing corporate network.

Private Cloud Backup

Using Private Cloud Backup, your organization gains the benefits of cloud architecture without giving up the control of maintaining your own data center.

Private clouds can be expensive with typically modest economies of scale. This is usually not an option for the average Small-to-Medium sized business and is most typically put to use by large enterprises. Private clouds are driven by concerns around security and compliance, and keeping assets within the firewall.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

Hybrid Cloud Backup is, essentially, a combination of Public Cloud Backup and Private Cloud Backup. Data is stored in AssureVault’s data centers as well as in your organization’s remote data centers and is monitored and managed by both.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

By using a hybrid approach, companies can maintain control of an internally managed private cloud while relying on the public cloud as needed.

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