Cloud Backup Tiered Storage

Not All Data is Created Equal!

Data that’s young, such as recent financial records normally needs to be recovered very quickly in the event of a disaster that results in data loss. Conversely, older data,  like marketing, HR or long-term compliance records is, typically require a less stringent recovery time.  That’s where tiered storage comes in.

With AssureVault’s Cloud Backup Tiered Storage, all of your data needs – from servers to smartphones – are completely satisfied.

The six tiers are:

  • Online Storage – for mission critical server-based backups
  • Mobile – for laptop, workstation and end point devices (Android and iOS)
  • Archive Storage – for low-reference, low-value data
  • Local Only – for local disk-to-disk backups
  • Parked Storage – for long term compliance data
  • DR Hot Site Storage – to maintain warm failover VMs in the DR Hot Site

What You Get

As part of our routine monthly services, we provide the following:

  • Backup and recovery support
  • Daily monitoring and alerting for your backup jobs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting detailing your backup activities and storage usage 

We don’t care how many backups or data recoveries that you do each month. Your monthly cost for our services is based solely on the amount of compressed storage you use. This makes the billing process straightforward and easy to understand. 

Our cloud backup experts will work with you to analyze your data and define data tiering policies and service levels that best suit your needs!

*If you are an MSP, please contact regarding partner pricing.