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BURR Partner Programs



Welcome to T1’s Partner Program!  Based on your sales and support resources, the goal of the Partner Program is to offer two choices: Sell With or Sell Direct. The information contained in this document is meant to provide an overview of each program delineating T1’s and partner responsibilities.

The T1CO Cloud BURR is an efficient, cost-effective, and transformational backup solution aligned with the Cloud Computing era that makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to optimize, economize, and modernize their backup processes.

By simplifying and streamlining the backup/recovery process, T1CO Cloud BURR saves time, money and other IT resources spent on mundane backup jobs. It also protects organizations from the potential business risks associated with failed backups and recoveries.


Partner Program Overview

Why sell backup/recovery services to your customers?

First and foremost, T1CO Cloud BURR will help you make more money. This service presents an opportunity to generate a new, recurring revenue stream. Remember T1CO Cloud BURR is billed as a utility…each month the customer pays for the total amount of data they back up. Essentially, you sell once and get paid every month.

T1CO Cloud BURR also provides an opportunity for you to add value to your customers. It establishes you as a trusted advisor who can help diagnose and solve customers’ problems – problems they may not even realize they have!

Finally, introducing T1CO Cloud BURR gives you a valid reason for more in-depth discussions with current customers, re-establishing contacts at dormant accounts, and connecting with potential new customers.

T1’s High Availability Cloud Infrastructure

T1 maintains a high availability cloud infrastructure based on two geographically separate data centers.

Our primary site is located in the Secure Data 365 data center, a Tier 4 facility located in Canton, Ohio. Our data replication and hot site is a Tier 3 facility located within T1’s data center in Chesterland, Ohio.




Data Center 1: Secure Data 365 Tier 4 Primary and Client DR Site

  • High availability VMware cluster infrastructure
  • Storage and networking redundant pathing
  • SAS 70 audited
  • Redundant access control and monitoring systems with 24 x 365 onsite security
  • Multi-party redundant network infrastructure
  • Multiple carriers/carrier neutral
  • Multiple OC3 and OC12 interconnects
  • Separate Utility Power Grid
  • Full UPS power and battery back-up systems

Data Center 2: T1 Tier 3 Replication & Hot Site

  • High availability VMware cluster server farm located in our FIRELOCK Vault
  • Dedicated DS3 fiber connectivity to Data Center 1
  • Three level access control including biometric scanners
  • Two level detection with Novec 1230-based fire suppression system
  • Separate Utility Power Grid
  • Backup power to the vault, as well as air conditioning and humidity control systems supplied by a dedicated 50KW natural gas generator over APC uninterruptible power supplies

All partner programs include the following value-added features and services:

  1. Scheduled and automated backup of all specified file systems and folders.
  2. Scheduled and automated backup of all storage systems including registry and services databases using VSS.  This method substantially reduces the amount of time to perform backup operations.  Proposed number of generations to be maintained for each backup job is ten.
  3. A local copy of all backups to allow restores to as rapidly as possible without retrieving the backup over the client’s internet connection.  This insures the restore operation will occur as rapidly as the client’s local area network will allow
  4. Single user interface to manage all backups across all servers
  5. Monitoring of all backup operations by T1’s Cloud Backup Support Team
  6. Tiered archival services to migrate backup data to lower cost tiered storage reducing the overall cost of maintaining backups of older, less frequently access data
  7. Replication of all client data that has been backed up to T1’s secondary data center
  8. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery of critical Business Applications
  9. Fully redundant server and network infrastructure with primary and secondary collocations on separate power grids 70 miles apart.  Two way replication of all backup data between sites.
  10. Failover to secondary (replication site) if primary site fails to insure continuation of backup services.  Failback to primary site once again operational.
  11. Access to public internet via multiple carriers.
  12. All backup data maintained in NE Ohio to insure fastest recovery of large amounts of data.
  13. Unlimited backups and restores.
  14. 24 x 7 monitoring of all backup activities
  15. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting.
  16. T1 maintains all software upgrades to core components of all T1-supplied backup appliances.
  17. User web portal to manage and monitor backup and restore activities.
  18. Access to Hot Site DR services and infrastructure
  19. Access to marketing materials including brochures, email campaigns, web content, etc.
  20. Storage Analysis and Quotation for BURR services


 BURR Programs: