Partner Program – Sell With



  1. Partner provides referrals and may do warm introduction.
  2. T1 Co provides all equipment (backup appliance(s)), startup and configuration services.
  3. T1 Co provides necessary equipment and services to perform an initial storage analysis service to better understand the prospects backup needs and provide a better cost estimate.
  4. T1 Co provides seed processing services including the transportation of all seed media.
  5. T1 Co provides billing services directly to partner clients on a monthly basis.
  6. T1 Co provides 24 x 7 first level support services directly to partner clients.
  7. T1 Co provides setup and maintenance of all backup jobs.
  8. T1 Co maintains all software upgrades to core components of all T1 Co-supplied backup appliances.
  9. Partner is paid a monthly commission of the total customer invoice and paid on the “Storage Sales” of each client. “Storage Sales” is defined as the total amount of compressed and de-duplicated storage being maintained on T1 Co’s primary server farm and backup appliance. There are six tiers (types) of storage, each with its own price structure:
    Online storage  –  for mission critical server-based backups
    Mobile  –  for laptop, workstation and end point devices (Android and IOS)
    Archive storage  –  for low-reference, low-value data
    Local only – for local disk-to-disk backups
    Parked storage  – for long term compliance data
    DR Hot Site storage  – to maintain warm failover VMs in the DR hot site

In addition there are onetime costs for the following:

  1. Backup Appliance
  2. Onsite Installation & Configuration
  3. Initial Seed Backup Processing