T1 Cloud Backup, Restore & Recovery


Protecting and Recovering Virtual Environments


Virtualization Challenges

As an MSP you realize that server consolidation is driving deployment of virtualization across enterprises of all sizes. However, to fully realize the benefits of virtualization, organizations must consider their information recovery management strategy. Traditional backup and recovery strategies are not adequate to deliver the granular recovery demanded by the business. More importantly, the cost associated with traditional or agent-based technologies essentially negates many of the cost advantages of virtualization. Built around their backup appliance architecture, T1 delivers a simple, elegant and cost-effective agentless solution that enables the enterprise to optimize their virtualization strategy while achieving superior information protection and recovery management without performance degradation.

The T1 Cloud BURR Solution

T1 Cloud BURR, built on our elegant backup appliance architecture, enables enterprises to bridge the physical and virtual worlds without having to pick point solutions for each. As the virtual server market matures and becomes part of the ‘new world order’ of cloud computing, companies that choose to select multiple virtual server platforms inside their clouds can leverage our solution to protect leading virtualization platforms such as VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. If an entire virtual server is backed up, new virtual machines are automatically protected by the backup policy. Furthermore, live virtual machine backup allows administrators to back up virtual machines in the middle of production operations without disruption to production windows.

Disaster Recovery Services

You can now offer BC and DR services to your clients as an T1 BURR Partner.  T1’s Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) offers an integrated solution for the end-to-end data protection needs of your organization, including the ability to protect both physical and virtual machines across operating systems or virtualization platforms.

With VDR’s advanced capabilities, you can make T1 BURR the cornerstone of your business continuity and disaster recovery plan:

  • Recover from either machine failures or complete site failures in a matter of minutes by turning on a backup copy of their virtual machines even as you work on recovering their primary site
  • Using the capabilities of T1 Local VDR, you can keep backup copies of virtual machines on local environments to help rapidly recover from machine failures or virtual machine corruptions
  • Maintain multiple generations of virtual machines so you can switch back to an earlier point-in-time copy in a matter of minutes.
  • Keep warm spares of critical physical machines in virtual machine form, protecting against machine outages
  • Maintain warm spares of virtual machines at T1’s remote offsite data center using the powerful capabilities of T1 Remote DS-VDR

In the event of a complete site failure, we can ensure continued business operations by backing up your critical virtual machines to our secure offsite data centers and restoring the machines to a standby infrastructure. As you work on rebuilding the data and applications at the primary site, you can continue to operate from the live copy in your facility and maintain business continuity.

Quick and Simple Recovery

We restore complete virtual machines with all the data and applications at the instant that the previous backup was taken. In the case of restoring VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer virtual machines, we can restore virtual machines at the virtual disk level or the entire virtual machine level. In the case of restoring virtual machines from platforms that don’t currently expose an API, we restore all visible and hidden files that have been backed up. As a result, the complete virtual machine can be restored and brought online without any challenges or disruptions.

Enterprise Scalability

Our cloud backup service can easily scale to perform the backup and recovery of all virtual machines throughout your organization. When provided with adequate hardware resources, we can backup hundreds of virtual machines. Greater scalability can be achieved by configuring multiple data collectors in a grid configuration and provide additional backup failover and load balancing across your environment.