Commercial Records & Media Vaulting

AssureVault is setting the pace for today’s records storage and data needs

We offer secure, comprehensive offsite records storage and management solutions designed to minimize risk while simplifying the overall records management process.

Our records center, located in Chesterland, Ohio, is of concrete and steel construction and features 24×365 access control and fire detection monitoring systems. Media – tapes and disks – are stored in our state-of-the-art fireproof vault.


AssureVault guarantees that we will maintain an unbroken chain of custody for all of your assets while they are in our possession.

Our Total Recall™ records management software, coupled with a proven system of barcode identification, identifies and tracks assets and their locations, no matter what or where they are!

Barcode Identification

Barcode identification is the key to effective asset management.

Every location is identified with a barcode, including:

  • Permanent storage locations in our Records Centers
  • Permanent storage locations in our in our FIRELOCK™ vault
  • Transitional locations (delivery vehicle, delivery staging areas, receiving areas, pallet, etc.)
  • Client facilities

Every asset is identified with a barcode representing the owner of the asset and the asset itself (cartons, media (records, tapes, optical media, hard drives, fungibles, etc.)

A state-of-the-art barcode scanner is used to scan the asset and its location any time the asset is moved from one location to another. Total Recall™ manages the information provided by the scanner and allows us to pinpoint any asset’s exact location at any time.


All media and data is stored in our FIRELOCK™ media and server vault, which is the only vault of its kind in commercial use in the state of Ohio. Click here to learn about our vault.