Digitizing Services

State-of-the-Art Document Capture and Digital Archiving Services

The management of paper-based records can be a challenge. That’s why AssureVault offers state-of-the-art document capture and digital archiving services!

Benefits: Our document capture and digital archiving services afford you numerous benefits:

  • Easy access to your documents
  • No searching through file cabinets
  • Users have simultaneous and concurrent access to the records
  • Content-searchable; search for any word throughout an entire catalog of documents
  • Brings structure and organization to your records
  • Digital collection can be updated on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • An archive copy can be maintained at AssureVault in our FIRELOCK™ fireproof vault

Our services include the following:

Secure Transport

The secure transport of your documents to our capture centers.

Document Preparation

Examination of each document, removing all binding materials and prepping material to pass through our scanners.

Indexing Service

Indexing (coding) of your documents. We will index any number of fields to meeting your coding requirements.

Separator Sheet Insertion

The insertion of color-coded separator sheets at the document level. Each separator sheet contains a unique internal document ID for quality control management and tracking. It also contains all of the coding fields.

Document Scanning

Document scanning of black & white or color paper records of almost any size, bound or loose leaf. Original document sizes from bank checks to large format C Size Drawings.

Multiple Outputs

A variety of output formats, including single page and multi-page TIFF and PDF.


Optional OCR processing to produce content searchable documents. This output can be in a separate file per document or in the text overlay of the PDF file.

Delivery Options

CD/DVD, secure FTP, HDD.

Document Management Systems

Our document capture service also includes the ability to deliver your digitized documents to many popular document management systems.

Specialty Digitization Services

Contact our sister division, Digital Conversion Solutions, if your organization has a need for specialty digitization services such as archival quality digital images, bound documents, large format scanning, and much more.