AssureVault Email Archiver

Store and Index Email Messages for Easy Retrieval


AssureVault Email Archiver securely stores and manages email messages and attachments in your AssureVault Enterprise system. It works with virtually any email account and is easy to install—just forward messages to a mailbox on a server that Message Manager monitors.

  • Flexible capture policies filter out unwanted email to conserve storage space and reduce email management costs.
  • Non-repudiation and encryption ensure you’ll meet the strictest regulations and best practices.
  • Automatically route email messages and attachments to initiate workflow processes and email notifications.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified email management
  • Reduced email management costs
  • Regulatory compliance

Whether you use Message Manager as part of an on-demand or on-premise ECM system, you’ll save time and money!

AssureVault Email Archiver is powered by Digitech Systems.


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