Hosted VoIP

T1 Co offers a complete range of cloud based hosted voice services, including traditional local and long-distance calling with all the standard features such as Caller ID, voicemail, voicemail to email, 4-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, etc. T1 Co hosted VoIP service offerings is intended for business customers that also subscribe to a dedicated T1 Co access line capable of delivering at least DS1 (1.544Mb) service or above. The service is available to businesses of all sizes, but dedicated access is required. Our typical customers have multiple locations and employ between 25 – 700 people that may include a small percentage of work from home users.

In addition, our centralized hosted VoIP platform based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Messaging makes voice communication among all company locations look like one simple corporate-wide network enabling 4-digit dialing among all employees, eliminating all long distance cost between locations, phone mirroring, transparent mobility, worldwide coverage, and more.

What does “Hosted” Voice really mean?

Some may also refer to it as IP Centrex, but to our customers it simply means that they can get rid of all the on premise PBX, key system and other voice related hardware…plus all of the maintenance cost and operational headaches…associated with having a disparate phone system at each location. Get rid of all the local phone lines and PRIs connected to that old phone system, too. Internet access is also included.

Since everyone is on the same central hosted system users can dial 4 digits to reach other users, share voicemails, transfer calls, bridge calls, set up distribution lists, and share a common directory across the entire company. With extension mobility, users can move about from location to location and let their calling profile follow them.

To further capitalize on T1 Co hub and spoke network design any feature or product added to the hub becomes instantly available to any IP telephone or user endpoint connected to it.

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