Cloud-Based Hosting Services

At AssureVault, we understand how businesses can reduce their cost to provide and support IT based services, both for their internal operations and for their clients.  More and more companies are turning toward cloud-based infrastructure services to meet their every growing information management needs and improving services.  To support this, we provide a wide range of services far beyond today’s collocation provider who is only interested in charging you for rack space, power and bandwidth on a monthly basis.

Currently, we offer two premium cloud-based Hosting platforms; Platform Plus Total Recall and Platform Plus Asigra Cloud Backup.  We install your software products on our dedicated servers and provide all of the support necessary for you to support your business and clients.  Both of these services include a variety of bundled services that you cannot find with any other cloud-based infrastructure provider:

  1. We provide an infrastructure that ensures access when you need it.
    • High availability servers with automated failover
    • Multiple WAN service providers
    • Redundant data pathing for network and storage traffic
    • High availability SAN storage architecture
    • Redundant data storage in our remote hot site
  2. We provide all IT support services, from implementation to ongoing 7×24 support and upgrades. No invoices for each call that you make to our support team.
    • Design and implementation startup support
    • 7×24 telephone customer support and monitoring of systems
    • Sales training
    • Customer support training
    • Assistance in proposal development and bringing sales opportunities to a successful win
    • A platform for testing new releases of software

Platform Plus Total Recall™

At AssureVault, we understand the business of operating today’s Records Centers, and we appreciate the challenges of maintaining the computing infrastructure that’s needed to do it right. That’s why we offer Platform Plus hosting services for Total Recall™, the industry standard in Records Management software.

Our experience in both the implementation and hands-on, day-to-day use of Total Recall™ makes our Platform Plus service your ideal choice for hosting your Records Center in the cloud!  Take advantage of our unique strength and experience. Contact AssureVault to find out how you can move your Records Center to the cloud today.

Platform Plus Asigra Cloud Backup™

AssureVault has been providing Asigra-based online backup services for over seven years. So when you bring your Asigra software to our cloud infrastructure you get more than a monthly invoice for power, rack space and bandwidth. We understand the challenges of winning new business with the correct technical solution. We understand the intricacies and advanced features of the Asigra platform and how to take advantage of them to win and support your customers. We offer a variety of pre-configured backup appliances to assist you in winning and supporting any size customer.

To learn more about our Asigra experience see our Cloud Backup offering. Take advantage of our unique strength and experience. Contact AssureVault to find out how you can move your Asigra platform into our cloud today

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Save money by moving your organization’s business applications to the cloud!
By using AssureVault’s Infrastructure as a Service, your company can run business applications while eliminating the high cost of servers, storage and networking hardware.

We provide the servers, storage and networking infrastructure in our Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers. You deploy your OS and applications and access them any time.

Contact AssureVault to learn more how your company can save money with AssureVault’s IaaS!