Library Repository and Circulation Services

HF Group/AssureVault Library Repository, Storage and Retrieval System

ASV Lib Rep

A division of HF Group, AssureVault provides specialized, off-site library repository storage and related management services for academic and cultural institutions. We are currently under contract with two large, ACRL-member universities. Our standard facility and service model, below, is drawn from specifications developed for those institutions.


AssureVault offers a comprehensive set of services for the relocation, storage and management of library materials, archives and unusual-sized special collection materials.


We can establish a specialized, dedicated facility in your geographic area within a specified radius of your campus.

The facility will be equipped with environmental control systems to manage and monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality to very tight tolerances. See reverse for a list of standard specifications.


Your contents will be managed using our high-availability, cloud-based Total Recall™ records and information management system* that  is hosted in our secure, primary data center located in Canton, Ohio.


Standard insurance coverage for property, liability and workers compensation is included. Full replacement & restoration is not included in standard coverage.  Insurance requirements, including potential bridging of client deductible for property insurance can and should be customized and may affect cost.


Our standard service includes pickup and delivery of contents once a week to a specific campus location during normal business hours.

Time Frame

Upon final site selection and completion of a contractual agreement, your facility can be fully prepared to accept library materials within a four to six month time frame. At that time, AssureVault will coordinate the relocation of selected library materials and commence routine services.

* Total Recall™ is a product of DHS Worldwide (


Hypothetical Volume and Capacity Considerations


Cost EstimatesLib Rep Graphic

  • 1,300,000 books; 810,000 journals
  • $35,000-$45,000 per month
  • Based upon a 10 year contract

Cost Variables

  • Regional real estate costs
  • Insurance requirements
  • Adjustments in specifications