Managed IT


Sure, our customer’s may describe us as a 21st century phone company, but our job doesn’t end with “…what kind of jack do you want on the wall?”

We started as a wide area data company providing private leased line data circuits, including the router and switches to go along with them. We quickly built a following among our many loyal customers who recognized and appreciated the quality of our private leased line network and our attention to customer service. And, they wanted more!

When our customers saw what we could do to manage their wide area data networks they asked us to manage their wide area voice networks, too. Adding voice service offerings to our already high quality, highly available point-to-point leased line network was easy so we began offering our hosted VoIP service. Now, our customers trust us to manage and deliver high quality voice calls right down their Cisco desktop phone.

But, it didn’t end there. Before long, our customers started asking “…if you can manage and guarantee the quality of our desktop phone experience, why can’t you manage and guarantee the quality of our desktop PC experience?”

At T1 Co we realize that you have a job to do, and we all know that technology can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently if installed and applied correctly. Yes, technology is just a tool…but it needs to be calibrated to strict and best specifications so that it is always available and easy to use. Technology solutions that are spec’d wrong or installed incorrectly are prone to failure, frequently unavailable, complex and hard to use and very costly to maintain. Poorly planned IT solutions don’t provide any value and actually cost way more in time, money and lost productivity than most companies will ever know.

Think… Service as a Service

At T1 Co we somewhat jokingly, but in all honesty like to say that “We pride ourselves in providing great Customer Service, but even more so in not having to provide it at all.”

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