Services as a Platform

In the IT business, we love our acronyms. Some stand the test of time, others fade like the setting sun. We like the sound of “Service as a Service” because we think it best describes what we do, but unfortunately SaaS was already taken. One of the newest acronyms to surface is Services as a Platform, that we believe could be used to describe our model.

The question is not what it means to us, but what it means to you. Our mission is providing a superior fully managed IT experience. That simple statement could mean a hundred different things to a hundred different customers. We want to be your IT department and provide complete turnkey solutions including network, desktop computers and phones, servers, storage, software applications, data back-up and recovery, hosted voice, Internet, collocation services, and more. But, we are also comfortable playing a support outsource role and are willing to provide as many or just one of our many services in helping your organization.