T1 Co’s Solutions

T1 Co has always been at the forefront of technology solutions that provide businesses with the most reliable, secure network infrastructure and unified communications. Today, T1 Co serves as a facility-based carrier, providing layer 2 services from multiple carriers on a wholesale basis over our own advanced communications hardware. When your business turns to T1 Co for unified communications and network infrastructure you’re provided with ultimate control, short of running your own telecom business. T1 Co uses our own infrastructure so we/you are not beholden to a larger carrier whose priorities are not ours. Our priority is keeping you up and should the unthinkable happen, getting you back up as soon as possible.

While most carriers today are delivering data, voice, and network services over public Internet or MPLS lines that are often oversubscribed and bogged down, T1 Co provides Quality of Service and delivers connectivity through a private line Ethernet circuit. Having your own line guarantees speeds as well as security. No one off premises can ever penetrate or hack into your network with T1 Co’s private line Ethernet network. Your data is not only encrypted, its encrypted on a network the outside world has no means to access.

In short, T1 Co delivers a highly secure private network for your business. T1 Co will provide your organization a high-performing network infrastructure featuring point-to-point connectivity that delivers a highly reliable, always available, extremely secure, and lightning fast network.