T1 Co’s Technology Advantage

There’s a lot T1 Co provides that is more advanced, secure, and reliable than our counterparts. Our founding principles were and remain today a passion to provide the best, most reliable network infrastructure possible.

Total Performance – You can buy a circuit from a lot of businesses. Only T1 Co balances your unique needs with comprehensive, best-of-breed services to maximize your network’s performance. Your network, engineered from the ground up by T1 Co, will bring your organization unparalleled proficiency in unified communications, colocation, security, and business continuity services.

Total Value – T1 Co delivers your organization with the very best network infrastructure and unified communications to fit your budget. Value is more than dollars and cents; it includes the efficiencies delivered from a highly effective, always-up network. Additionally, T1 Co offers numerous financing models from lease to own, all of which deliver lower TCO than the competition.

Holistic Network Design – T1 Co delivers a comprehensive, best-of-breed connectivity and infrastructure solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other, delivering more circuit utility. Additionally, all T1 Co networks are engineered on a hub and spoke rather than aggregating to deliver increased security and availability.

Truly Private Cloud – T1 Co offers hosted cloud-based solutions featuring private, point-to-point connectivity. Get all the benefits of cloud infrastructure, with T1 Co overseeing day-to-day management and monitoring. The result is more control over your network and higher security from dedicated infrastructure. While the traditional private cloud is put of reach for most firms, T1 Co-created dedicated line private clouds provide the functionality of a private cloud, with lower TCO.

World-Class Connectivity, Anywhere – T1 Co’s engineering expertise allows us to design, implement, and manage intra-company networks, making multi-location networks perform like one flat network. LAN, WAN… it no longer matters as TI closes the performance gaps in remote locations, building a network that delivers high performance of all your core business functions so your employees can perform at their highest level, no matter where they are located.

Unified Communications –T1 Co’s voice and data services are better and more reliable. We pride ourselves on developing unified communications that are better than the sum of their parts, but at the same time leverage industry-leading, advanced services only available to Fortune-organizations with deep pockets without T1 Co. Our solution is fully managed, including best-of-class hardware and software delivering a high level of support. T1 Co keeps your data and voice packets private, isolated from everyone else’s traffic through a dedicated fiber line and Ethernet switch.

High Performing Voice Service – It’s a new breed of Voice over IP (VoIP) as T1 Co removes conflicting Internet packets and removes slowdowns as a result of over-subscribing. T1 Co ensures high-performing voice services by creating a hybrid network that leverages traditional phone lines for both local and long-distance.

Synchronous Connectivity – Your high availability data connections for data are synchronous not asynchronous – you’ll never sacrifice upload speed with a T1 Co network.

Redundancy and Reliability – T1 Co uses the best technology for reliability and default to fiber for connectivity. Additionally, as we manage your network we proactively monitor to head of an outage before it can occur. In the rare instance that there is an outage, T1 Co protects you with 4G/LTE connectivity from a different carrier than your main provider.