Customer Testimonials and Success Stories



Ohio State Home Services has provided quality service with over 80,000 successful waterproofing and foundation repair installations and satisfied customers since their inception in 1978. Ohio State Home Services’ philosophy for success is to provide honest, courteous and guaranteed service to every customer. Ohio State Home Services is a full service company that handles problems ranging from patching cracks to rebuilding basements. In addition, Ohio State Home Services holds three patents related to waterproofing that make them unique in the industry.


The company needed a reliable partner to scan monthly business documents which includes: Service Cards, Work Cards, Contracts and Finance. The Service Cards and Finance documents to be scanned in bitonal (black & white), and the Work Cards and Contracts to be scanned in color.The previous vendor was unable to switch between bitonal and color or work out a process with OSHS to group the documents. As a result most of the documents were scanned in color and suffered from below average quality. OSHS was charged for color scans that were not needed. After repeated attempts to fix the problems Ohio State Home Services decided to look elsewhere for their scanning needs.


Ohio State Home Services began a trial of services offered by AssureVault. AssureVault, with its fleet of trucks, was asked to pick up a test sample of the business documents for scanning in both bitonal and color.After careful review of AssureVault’s quality, service and timeliness, Ohio State Home services awarded a contract to AssureVault. AssureVault currently provides bi-weekly, secure transportation of their business documents. Each pickup is barcoded at the clients site before loaded into a secure transport to the AssureVault scanning center, where the barcode information is uploaded to AssureVault’s Records Management System for tracking. The documents are scanned, indexed (grouped) and 100% QC’d. The high quality digitized images are transferred to a DVD and delivered to Ohio State Home Services.


Ohio State Home Services now has a reliable partner that provides high quality, timely services at a fair price.