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The International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, is one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 216,000 members. SMART’s members ensure the quality of the air we breathe, promote energy efficiency, produce and provide the vital services that move products to market and passengers to their destinations.


SMART Union spun of its insurance association and needed to find a “vendor” to separate information in its member records. Active members, inactive members and insurance files were contained in the same members’ folders and required recognizing the different file types to be able to digitize, refile or shred. The union needed a vendor to quickly become a partner that they could work side by side to tackle the project for 250,000 member files and to finish the project in a record time of 6 months.


SMART chose AssureVault to become a partner on the project due to AssureVault’s broad range of document management, document repository and project management services. AssureVault’s team worked closely with the SMART Union project management team and designed a plan to provide services to meet the Unions aggressive timeline. The file prepping process was very complicated and required specialized transportation carts to move the folders between locations twice a week, ample storage to hold the inactive files throughout the project so they could be returned to the union and the ability to shred files after scanning.


Thanks to AssureVault’s expertise and the Union’s on-site participation, a successful process was developed to complete the project weeks early and under budget, Due to AssureVault’s services and project management skills, the Union’s project was successful in organizing, prepping, storing, scanning and shredding the files. After handling over 1.4 million pages, AssureVault completed the project with a 99.999% accuracy as measured by the Union. The Smart Union was grateful for AssureVault’s overall capabilities, flexibility, service commitment.